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Light LED Table Lamp Minimalist Bedside Lamp 3 Colors & RGB Corner Desk Light

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1. Illuminate Your World with Colorful Radiance

Vibrant RGB Color & Dynamic Patterns: Bring your space to life with our Corner Table Lamp, featuring a dazzling array of RGB colors and engaging light patterns. With built-in RGB LED strips, this lamp transforms any table into a vibrant display of colors, adding a fresh, exciting vibe to your decor.

2. Customize Your Glow with White Light Options

Three Shades of White: Tailor your lighting to match your mood with our adjustable white light feature. Choose from warm, daylight, or cool white settings, with color temperatures ranging from a cozy 3000K to a bright 6000K. It's the perfect way to create your ideal ambiance, whether you're reading, working, or just relaxing.

3. Seamless Control for Perfect Lighting

Versatile Dimmable Inline Cord Switch: Effortlessly switch between classic white and vivid RGB modes to suit your mood. Customize your experience further by adjusting the color intensity, brightness, and effect speed in RGB mode, or fine-tune the brightness and color temperature in white mode. It's lighting, exactly how you want it.

4. Ambient Mood Lighting for Every Occasion

Elegant Night Decoration: Our Corner Table Lamp is designed to enhance your space without overwhelming it. Its sleek design adds just the right amount of ambient light, perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere in any room. Position it to face a corner for a unique visual effect that elevates your space.

5. Power Up with Convenience

USB-Powered Versatility: Ideal for gamers and tech enthusiasts alike, this lamp is powered via USB, offering easy compatibility with a 5W USB power adapter or PC USB ports. The included 5V 1A USB adapter ensures you can light up your space with ease, whether you're at your gaming station or anywhere else.

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